1. The color of the bedroom background wall is not easy to be too heavy

The bedroom pays more attention to warmth and comfort. If the color of the bedroom is too dark, it will cause a sense of depression, and it is not easy to sleep and rest. Instead, soft neutral colors are more suitable for use in the bedroom, which can regulate emotions and release stress. cautious.

2. Match the bedroom with the lamps

In addition to the background wall, the bedroom also needs to coordinate with the lamps. It is easier and more convenient to advocate hanging table lamps or table lamps. Although the light strips are easy to produce effects, they are not conducive to different daily use. Therefore, the lighting should be comfortable and adjustable. .

3. The bedside storage design prevents excessive weight and is suitable for light and simple

In actual life, some owners will refer to some net red design schemes when decorating, such as the combination of wardrobe and background wall, which is not recommended. Bedrooms should be simple and light, avoiding complicated and heavy shapes, and a comfortable atmosphere is conducive to sleep.