Of course, falling in love with the kitchen starts with decoration. If the layout of the kitchen is not good, it will take time and effort to cook. If the design is not good, it will also affect the joy of cooking. In the decoration of the kitchen, we should pay attention to the storage, the scope of activities, the space design used, etc. A beautiful and powerful kitchen will make you fall in love with the fireworks of the world and be full of happiness.

Choose the right kitchen layout

If the kitchen is too long and narrow, choose a one-line layout or an L-shaped layout to make the flow more smooth. For example, a one-line kitchen is suitable for a closed-type kitchen with a small area and a long and narrow space. It makes full use of the wall to create a cabinet, which can effectively store storage. The push-type cabinet door and the embedded design of home appliances can effectively save space.

If the space is large enough, a U-shaped layout is a good choice to make full use of the kitchen space. U-shaped kitchen, with clear division of cleaning area, cooking area and operation area, high space utilization rate, more built-in kitchen appliances can be placed, compact but not crowded, suitable for families with many members and large storage needs.

Determine your favorite style

For example, if you like light luxury and modern style, you need to customize the cabinet with low saturation, and the overall look is neat, clean and advanced. The stone bar is also a good choice to improve the appearance. The decorations are full of exquisiteness. Chat and interact here, work in the office, and wait for the food to come out. Such a kitchen should not be too stylish.

Cabinet Design and Appliance Portfolio

The combination of wall cabinets, floor cabinets and high cabinets is extremely powerful and convenient for storage. In terms of kitchen storage, it can be installed on the wall without placing the countertop, and it can avoid punching without damaging the wall. Make good use of the space under the walls and cabinets.

Combined with the built-in design of home appliances, the space is fully utilized, and the appliances in the kitchen should be considered in advance, such as refrigerators, integrated stoves, hoods, built-in ovens, steamers, dishwashers, pipeline machines and so on. When designing the cabinet, the specific model of the home appliance should be determined, and the specific size of each home appliance should be given to the cabinet side.

A modern kitchen full of design, with Haier’s high-value and practical appliances, has both pyrotechnics and high-tech, so that you can easily cook every day, and your happiness is overwhelming!