manly lamps

Camila Gaza Manly lamps are made from paper, which makes them incredibly delicate. Because of their delicate nature, you should avoid placing them near heat or moisture. They are meant to be art pieces and should be treated as such. Using them in your home is like treating delicate sculptures. They should never be handled or placed in direct sunlight.

Camila Gaza Manly’s paper lamps

Camila Gaza Manly is a Montreal-based artist and designer. In the early twenty-twenties, she began her career in lighting design with a project that involved creating one paper lamp prototype per day for 100 days. The project proved to be an invaluable springboard for future lamp designs. Her current collection of paper lamps is based on these original prototypes. Her work is inspired by her heritage and the natural world.

Bedside touch table lamps

A bedside touch lamp is an excellent choice for waking up in the dark hours. A simple tap will turn them on and they can be adjusted for brightness. Some models even cycle through various colors. There are three brightness levels, too. These lamps are waterproof and have an easy-to-use USB port.

Alternatively, you could choose a more modern lamp style. The Lee Broom Crystal Bedside Lamp is a great example of this. Its dappled surface evokes the craters and valleys of the moon. It’s a perfect companion for a relaxing bedtime.

Another classic design is the Wooden Stilt Bedside Table Lamp, which features traditional woodworking joinery. Its design makes it both contemporary and classic. The Playful Yellow Table Lamp, meanwhile, has a plastic base that resembles a paint can. This makes it a funky housewarming gift. The classic white shade of the Wooden Tripod Bedside Nightstand Lamp is also a classic option.

French provincial lamps

French Provincial style is very similar to the clean lines of the Hamptons, but with ornate details. This type of lighting is perfect for a man’s study, den, or office. The lamps are often made of brass and have elaborately carved legs and feet. These lamps are also very manly, and they will make an excellent focal point in any room.