what is modern classic style

What is modern classic style?

Modern classic style is a mix of modern and classic design. It combines elements of the minimalist and classical styles to create clean and striking interior designs that linger in our memory.

This design focuses on balance and warmth. It also loves the classic elegance of natural materials like wood, marble or stone for floors and wall coverings. Its colors are usually shades of brown, beige, gray, silver, white and blue.

The key to creating a classic look in a modern world is to stay on top of trends without relying solely on them. This doesn’t mean splurging on the latest designer label or branded piece but rather finding timeless pieces that you can mix and match to give your outfits a fresh new feel each season.

Whether it’s your wardrobe, accessories or home, you can get this look by following a few simple rules:

1. Build a strong base of neutral colors (black, white, beige, grey, etc.) in your wardrobe and then add in some more unique colors or interesting prints when you want to jazz things up.

2. Diversify your basics with different necklines, proportions, cuts, fits and fabrics to create a wide variety of combinations.

3. Choose high-quality basic pieces that are timeless and can be worn for years to come.

4. Focus on the details:

The most important element of the modern classic style is to pay attention to details – this means making sure the clothing and accessories you buy are made from high-quality fabric, have good construction and a flattering cut that complements your shape.

5. Make a statement with the right accessories:

The most important rule to follow when choosing a modern classic accessory is to pick something that will compliment your outfit and elevate it at the same time. This could be a beautiful handbag, a pair of sleek shoes or a bold ring stack.

6. Invest in luxury items:

This is not to say that you have to spend thousands of dollars on a handbag but you can always go for more affordable luxury bags from an innovative brand with integrity, like Chanel or Hermes.

7. Be in tune with fashion history:

The modern classic style is not only about keeping up with trends but it also means being in touch with the historical and cultural significance behind certain garments and silhouettes. The right accessories will bring a touch of that history into your closet and elevate any outfit.

8. The best places to shop:

The best places to find a modern classic wardrobe are Zara, Mango, J.Crew and a few others. They’re all relatively affordable and will allow you to explore a range of styles that are perfect for this style.

9. Find some worldly ornamental pieces:

Finally, the modern classic style requires few key classic pieces to create a timeless look. A bowl on a coffee table or a set of table lamps flanking your sofa are both examples of worldly ornamental pieces that will add to your modern classic aesthetic and strengthen the overall style of your space.