Living in an open plan house can be a dream come true, especially for those who love to entertain guests. An open plan living space combines the living room, kitchen, and dining area into one large, free-flowing area that is perfect for entertaining or spending time with family. However, creating an effective lighting design in an open plan living space can be challenging. In this article, we’ll explore the art of lighting design and how it can enhance the look and feel of your open plan living space.

The Importance of Lighting Design

Lighting can create a difference in the atmosphere of any room. Proper lighting design can transform a dull and dreary room into a bright and inviting space that exudes life and vitality. In open plan living spaces, lighting can be used to divide the space into different zones, create focal points, and enhance the overall feel of the room. By using the right light fixtures, light intensity, and color temperatures, a professional lighting design can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will make your open plan living space feel like home.

Dividing the Space into Different Zones

In an open plan living space, it’s important to create zones that define the different areas of the room. For example, you may wish to separate the living room area from the kitchen and dining area. Lighting can be used to create this division of space. By using a pendant light or chandelier above the dining table, you can create a focal point that defines the dining area. Similarly, using a cluster of pendant lights in the living room area can create a cozy atmosphere and define that space.

Creating Focal Points

Lighting can also be used to create focal points in an open plan living space. A dramatic ceiling fixture or a chandelier can draw your eyes upward and add a touch of elegance and drama to the space. Similarly, using accent lights to highlight artwork, shelves, or other decorative elements can enhance the overall feel of the room and create a sense of warmth and coziness.

Enhancing the Feel of the Room

With lighting design, the light intensity and color temperature play an essential role in creating a mood and atmosphere. By using warmer lights, you can radiate a cozy and warm feeling while using cooler lights can create a more refreshing and modern atmosphere. The right lighting can enhance the feel of your open plan living space, making it more inviting and homely.

The Best Types of Light Fixtures for Open Plan Living Spaces

The type of light fixtures also plays a crucial role in your open plan living space. Consider installing fixtures that are both stylish and functional. Here are some of the best types of light fixtures you can use in your open plan living area:

Pendant Lights and Chandeliers

Pendant lights or chandeliers are a great way to divide the space and create focal points. You can choose from various styles, sizes, and finishes to match your decor.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can create a clean and modern look, providing a functional solution for larger living areas. They can create an even spread of light throughout the room, eliminating any dark spots.

Floor Lamps and Table Lamps

Table and floor lamps are versatile and flexible, and you can move them around the room to change the lighting scheme. They offer a more intimate lighting solution and can be used to create different moods and atmospheres.