The Caracas 16 Light Chandelier is a stunning piece of decoration that has the power to elevate any room to new heights of sophistication and elegance. With its intricate design and striking presence, it is the perfect addition to any home, office or public space looking to make a statement.


The Caracas 16 Light Chandelier is made up of 16 tapered steel arms with no visible screws or welds that hold up its candelabra-style lights. Its arms are finished in antique brass which gives them a warm, luxurious feel that complements the surrounding space. One of the most unique features of this chandelier is its sputnik-like design. At the center of the chandelier, there are three steel rods extending upwards that hold the midpoint of the chandelier in place. This design is not only eye-catching but also charming, allowing the chandelier to cast its light in every direction, while still being a sculptural piece of art on its own.


The Caracas 16 Light Chandelier is made of high-quality steel that gives it sturdiness and durability. It is coated with an antique brass finish which gives it a unique and sophisticated ambiance wherever it is installed. The steel rods are finished in antique nickel, providing a nice contrast to the brass and adding a touch of modernity to the overall look of the chandelier.


The Caracas 16 Light Chandelier has a maximum wattage of 25 watts per bulb, and the chandelier comes with candelabra-style bulbs that are suitable for the fixture. As a result, this chandelier provides ample light and can be used in any room or space, no matter the size or layout. With its long arms and built-in swivel, the chandelier can be positioned in whichever way is best to optimize light distribution and adapt to any room’s design.


The Caracas 16 Light Chandelier, with its intricate design and many arms, takes some time to assemble and install, but it is worth it. The chandelier should only be installed by a professional electrician to ensure the safety of the homeowners and avoid any potential electrical issues. The chandelier can be hung from any standard ceiling, and it comes with a mounting kit and all necessary hardware to make installation effortless for your chosen professional installer.