Flos, the renowned Italian lighting manufacturer, has always been known for creating stunning and innovative designs. Their Miss K lamp is a classic example of their commitment to creative excellence. Designed by Philippe Starck, this exquisite piece of art lighting is striking in its appearance and also highly functional.

The Design

The Miss K lamp by Flos has a unique shape which sets it apart from other lamps. It is made of transparent blown glass and comes in a metallic, opaque finish. The inner diffuser is cleverly shaped like a traditional lampshade, creating an elegant and timeless look. The transparent exterior, however, gives the Miss K lamp a contemporary edge. The design is completed with a dimmer switch that adds to the lamp’s functionality.

The Inspiration

Philippe Starck has been creating some of the most iconic and innovative designs of the past few decades. When he designed the Miss K lamp for Flos, he took inspiration from traditional lamps and combined it with modern technology. The inner diffuser is made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), which provides optimal diffusion of the light. The outer surface is made of borosilicate glass, which is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and provides high transparency.


The Miss K lamp’s elegant and sophisticated look is further enhanced by its functionality. The inner diffuser emits soft, warm light, while the dimmer switch lets you adjust its intensity according to your preference. This makes it perfect for creating cozy and intimate environments. It’s also energy-efficient, making it an eco-friendly lighting solution.

Its Use In Home Decor

The Miss K lamp is the perfect addition to any contemporary home decor. Its minimalistic design and subtle lighting make it an elegant and timeless piece that complements any decor style. It can be used as a bedside lamp, a desk lamp or even as an accent piece in your living room.