Wall lights, also known as sconces, have been a popular lighting choice for centuries. These fixtures not only provide functional lighting, but they also add a decorative element to any room. However, with so many different types of sconces available, the vocabulary surrounding them can be confusing. In this article, we explore the synonyms of sconce and shed light on the terminology used in the world of wall lights.

What is a sconce?

Before delving into the different synonyms for sconce, it’s important to understand what a sconce actually is. A sconce is a type of wall-mounted light fixture that is typically made up of a wall plate or bracket, a shade or cover, and a light bulb. The light bulb can be LED, incandescent or other types. Sconces can be used for ambient lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting, and they can be used indoors or outdoors.

Sconce Synonyms

1. Wall Light

One of the most common synonyms for sconce is wall light. This term is used to describe any type of light fixture that is mounted to a wall. Wall lights can be sconces or other types of fixtures, such as picture lights, swing-arm lamps, or vanity lights.

2. Bracket Light

Another synonym for sconce is bracket light. This term is used to describe a sconce that is mounted to a wall bracket, as opposed to a plate. Bracket lights are often used in outdoor settings, such as on the side of a house or on a patio.

3. Candle Sconce

Candle sconces are a type of wall sconce that is designed to hold a candle or candles. These fixtures were originally used for lighting in the days before electricity, but modern candle sconces are often used for decorative purposes.

4. Picture Light

Picture lights are a type of wall light that are used to illuminate art or other decorative objects. These lights are typically installed above the artwork and shine down onto it. Picture lights can be sconces or other types of fixtures.

Sconce Components

Understanding the different components of a sconce can help you select the right fixture for your needs. Here are the main components of a sconce:

1. Wall Plate or Bracket

The wall plate or bracket is the part of the sconce that attaches to the wall. The wall plate is typically rectangular, while the bracket is curved or angled.

2. Shade or Cover

The shade or cover is the part of the sconce that covers the light bulb. This can be a glass shade, a fabric shade, or a metal cover.

3. Light Bulb

The light bulb is the part of the sconce that produces light. Sconces can use LED, incandescent, or other types of bulbs.