Opening light, also known as roof windows, skylights, or roof lanterns, has become increasingly popular in modern architecture. These are windows that are installed on the roof, usually in attics or lofts, to allow natural light to enter the living space. In this article, we will discuss the importance of opening light and its benefits.

Benefits of Opening Light

Natural Light

Opening light is a great way to bring natural light into your home. It is proven that sunlight has numerous benefits for our health and wellbeing, such as promoting vitamin D production, reducing depression and anxiety, and enhancing sleep quality. With opening light, you can enjoy the beauty and warmth of natural light without having to sacrifice your privacy.

Energy Efficiency

Opening light can also help you save on energy bills. Instead of relying on artificial light during the day, opening light can provide ample natural light for your living space, reducing the amount of electricity needed. It can also help regulate the temperature of your home by allowing natural ventilation and reducing the need for air conditioning.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aside from its practical advantages, opening light can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. It can add a unique architectural feature to your roof, creating a beautiful focal point that is both distinctive and functional. It can also provide a stunning view of the sky and the stars at night, giving your home a peaceful and tranquil ambiance.

Types of Opening Light

There are several types of opening light available on the market, including:

Roof Windows

Roof windows are a popular choice for attic or loft conversion. They are usually installed vertically on the roof, allowing maximum natural light to enter the living space. They can also be easily opened and closed for ventilation.


Skylights are another type of opening light that are installed on flat or pitched roofs. They are usually rectangular or square in shape and can be installed individually or in groups. They are great for bringing natural light into dark and gloomy areas of your home, such as hallways and bathrooms.

Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns are larger and more elaborate than other types of opening light. They are usually installed on flat roofs and have a pyramid-shaped roof structure. They are great for creating a grand and regal feel to your home, particularly in larger spaces such as living rooms and extensions.