Himalayan salt lamps have become an incredibly popular decorative item in recent years, thanks to their unique, warm glow and supposed health benefits. However, with this surge in popularity has come a proliferation of fake Himalayan salt lamps on the market, causing confusion and concern among buyers. In this article, we are going to dive deeper into the world of fake Himalayan salt lamps, and explore the dangers and differences between real and fake lamps.

The Dangers of Fake Himalayan Salt Lamps

Fake Himalayan salt lamps present several serious dangers to consumers, the most immediate of which is fire hazard. As the counterfeit lamps are often made with cheap, low-quality materials, they are not capable of withstanding heat which can cause them to overheat and start a fire. Additionally, they may also release toxic chemicals that can be harmful to human health.

Differences Between Real and Fake Himalayan Salt Lamps

So, what separates a real Himalayan salt lamp from a fake one? First and foremost, it is the quality of the materials used. Himalayan salt lamps are made with authentic Himalayan salt rock, which is carefully extracted and handcrafted to create a specific shape or design. Fake lamps, on the other hand, use low-quality imitation salt, resulting in a lack of benefits and sometimes releasing toxins.

Another way to differentiate between the two is the weight. As real Himalayan salt lamps are made of solid salt rock, they are generally heavier than counterfeit salt lamps, which often contain metallic frames and are much lighter in weight.

How to Ensure You’re Getting a Real Himalayan Salt Lamp

To ensure you are getting a real Himalayan salt lamp, it is important to purchase from reputable sellers, and do some research beforehand. Look for a lamp that displays a natural color and isn’t too bright or perfectly shaped. Genuine Himalayan salt lamps usually come with a certification of authenticity and will be more expensive than fake ones, as the materials used are of higher quality.


In conclusion, understanding the differences between real and fake Himalayan salt lamps is crucial to protect yourself from potential dangers and to ensure you are receiving the benefits associated with them. The best way to do this is to purchase from reputable sellers, to do research beforehand, and to look for certification of authenticity. By doing so, you can enjoy the warm glow and benefits of the real Himalayan salt lamp, without risking your safety.