The background wall of the home is the “main event” in the decoration. We have spent a lot of time on the sofa and TV background wall in the living room. It seems that the social space is the TOP1 in life. Therefore, the “private forbidden area” of the bedroom has always been Neglected, the design of the bedside background wall is simply the biggest blind spot; in fact, the good design of the bedroom background wall can improve the sleep and mood index, after all, this space is the most “intimate” with us.

For the background wall at the head of the bed, do you simply paint the big white wall? Or to decorate it? Today, we might as well explore the design of some background walls, throw away the rustic, and get up every day with a good mood and a good state.

Fabric background wall

The general layout of the bedroom: sleeping area + storage area (wardrobe) + dressing table/desk. If the bedroom area is large enough, these functions will not appear crowded, but if the bedroom area is not big at all, then the focus is on the sleeping area. Therefore, it is necessary to use the background wall to change the atmosphere of the bedroom, so that you can rest in peace.

Fast-paced life and stress have led to an increase in insomnia rate year by year. We have always said that the bedroom must be soft and comfortable, so that people can release pressure and relax enough. Then, the soft fabric background wall is definitely the first choice!

The fabric bedside background wall is more like an extra cloth curtain installed in the space. Unlike the fabric soft-packed background wall, it can be removed for cleaning and replacement at any time; it can be said that any fabric product you can think of and like can be used. Become a touch of color and gentleness on the background wall~

Not only is there more options, but it is also simpler. You only need to reserve the installation track during the construction stage. The size of the background wall is also custom-designed. The fabric background wall can be well matched with the bedding. The bedroom is no longer monotonous. The kids do it~

The soft-packed background wall should be glued to the wall. In a short period of time, the formaldehyde will not be released, and the odor will be inhaled when sleeping, which will affect health. The cost of the fabric background wall is not high and it is easy to produce effects. , more simple and environmentally friendly, so you know you need to spend small money to do big things

Art tile background wall

The healthiest and most environmentally friendly is the tile on the wall. In addition to the living room background wall, it is also popular and suitable for the bedroom background wall; although ceramic tile is a hard-packed material, it is also used by more and more people as a decorative material. , make the design of the home more bold and changeable, today I want to talk to you about artistic tiles.

Throwing away the big white wall, compared with ordinary tiles, the bedroom with the background wall of art tiles is simply against the sky, eliminating the need for racking your brains for matching. The tiled wall can not only decorate the space with the texture and color of the tiles, but also borrow the texture and color of the tiles. Geometric shape, so that the space is no longer too dull, and become advanced in minutes~

Like the advantages of ceramic tiles, the artistic tile background wall lasts for a long time. If it is dirty, it is OK to scrub and clean it. It will not change color and peel like paint and wallpaper for a long time, but the artistic temperament and decorative effect are the same as paint, wallpaper and ordinary tiles. If you can’t catch up, the cost will be relatively high, and it is worth choosing to collect~

Art tiles express different artistic lifestyles because of their design. They are no longer limited to minimalism or modernity, but are more colorful. They can be simple, elegant and stable, free from exaggeration, or rough and natural. Undoubtedly, the beauty of the years can be here. see.

If you want your bedroom to be more advanced than others, and to highlight the artistic style in your life, this art tile is definitely the winner.

Wooden background wall

The wooden design is not easy to be outdated. After the minimalist wind blows, the wooden design is very popular from hard to soft furniture. The natural and original design makes life unfettered and immersed in simplicity.

The bedroom background wall is made of logs. In addition to the simple wood finish, it can also have other shapes, such as wooden grilles, geometric blocks, lines, hollows… The plasticity is very strong, of course, also It will make the home warmer and warmer.

The wood veneer background wall can be designed through the top or half wall. The whole wall will enhance the overall sense of the space, which is simple and smooth, and more flat. The half wall design will highlight the sense of space, full of variability, and more agility. It can be used as a bedside background wall in various styles, and you will not be disappointed.

Whether it is a small-area background wall, or the overall space is designed in wood tone, with its inherent natural simplicity and warmth, it makes the space flow with natural aura, and it is easy to create the beauty you want, but pay attention to environmental protection when selecting materials grade.

Wall cabinet retractable background wall

In fact, most users’ bedrooms may be in the form of wardrobe + bed. In addition to the storage of clothes, the bedside table is responsible for the storage of small items in daily life. It is not very practical. You can completely abandon the bedside table and replace it with an overall storage cabinet. The key can also be saved Come out a lot of space, all right!

The design of the wall + storage cabinet can not only be adjusted with the design, but also can continue the functional design required by life. If there is less compliance, the way of life will also change accordingly. You can use simple accessories to make the space more unique. ,interesting.

It is not unreasonable that the wall storage design is sought after. The invisible expansion design does not affect the sense of space, and it is also a good way to organize the space by storage. However, the customization of the storage cabinet still requires a part of the budget, you can choose Use logs or white tones as the cabinet, which will be more versatile.

Xiao Young prefers such a novel design, combining the wardrobe and the background wall into one, which is practical and fashionable. However, I still do not recommend this kind of plan. It is top-heavy, and it is not easy to relax and sleep. Moreover, In two years you’ll get bored…

Mosaic background wall

The design does not necessarily use only one material. The combination of various materials and forms can collide with different beauty. For example, different styles of wallpaper, wood veneer, or the design of the combination of stone and wood grille will present a background wall. Another beauty of contrast.

This is also a very common and customary design method in the design of bedroom background walls. The splicing design of marble, paint, wood veneer, wallpaper, etc., will not be too expensive. You can use the bedside background on the basis of not changing other layouts. The wall highlights the design sense of the space. Of course, some excess materials can be used reasonably without wasting at all (the corresponding size and specifications should be calculated in advance).

The splicing design will immediately have a sense of spatial hierarchy. The colors, materials and forms are in the splicing, contrast and combination, creating the tension of the space, and it is easy to make the bedroom unusual~