Christmas is coming, do you have a lot of Christmas parties to attend? When you get together with your lover, relatives and friends, you can’t miss giving each other Christmas gifts! Today, Xiaobian compiled the most popular Christmas gifts to recommend to you. Whether it’s a gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, family or colleagues, you can find inspiration below! Without further ado, read the Christmas Gift Guide now!

Christmas Gift Recommendations – Maintenance and Beauty

In an era when everyone is troubled by masks, skin care products can come in handy whether it is for girlfriends, wives, best friends or mothers!

GABI+SKIN Caffeine Facial Moisturizer

Especially in winter, skin moisturizing is the top priority. The editor recommends GABI+SKIN’s caffeine facial moisturizing group, a deep moisturizing formula designed for sensitive skin and completely built around caffeine extract.

JIREH Moisture Soothing Mask Popular Set

The jIREH mask advocates seven major non-additive, cute color packaging, so that girls will fall in love with it at first sight, it must be the best choice for Christmas gifts!

Christmas Gift Recommendations – Boys Accessories

How to choose gifts for boyfriends, husbands and male friends? Let’s start with daily “accessories”!

Maven Watch – Dusty Olive 40mm Fashion Watch

The use of brown Italian leather straps, Swiss movements, and sapphire anti-flowering glass, in addition to fashionable style, each watch is hand-set by Hong Kong craftsmen, showing the beauty of craftsmanship.

Christmas Gift Recommendations – Home Life

The epidemic has made us stay at home longer, and creating a sense of ritual at home has become a part of life! If your gift object is also a person who pays attention to the quality of life, you might as well start with the textured home design!

HOOOME Scented Candle Warmer – Classic (White)

HOOOME’s scented candle warm lamp is simple in shape, warm and soft at night, and can melt scented candles without smoke and fire, satisfying the enjoyment of smell and atmosphere.

Mr.Q Negative Ion Air Purifier

There are several useful household items, you can’t miss the Mr.Q negative ion air purifier, a small one can already achieve the function of purifying the air, plus the appearance is stylish and simple, it can be placed anywhere.

Christmas Gift Recommendations – Food and Cuisine

If you don’t know what your gift recipient likes, you can’t go wrong with a gourmet gift box!

Exquisite BRIC Series Chocolate

The exquisite BRIC series chocolate gift boxes are not only elegant and exquisite in shape, but also contain a variety of flavors, which are suitable for sharing sweets with friends at Christmas.

Fruit Series Tea Gift Box

Christmas Gift Recommendations – Textured Stationery

Are you and your friends a stationery nerd? Then it is right to choose a textured gift for stationery!

Nordic style pen, ink, notebook lucky bag combination