Speedcubing is a competitive sport that involves solving the Rubik’s cube as quickly as possible. Among the different types of cubes used in this sport, the 2×2 cube, also known as the pocket cube, is the smallest and simplest. Despite its simplicity, mastering the 2×2 cube can be challenging. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of the Walnut 2×2 cube and how it can help you achieve success in speedcubing.


The Walnut 2×2 cube is a high-quality puzzle made by the company YJ. Unlike other cheap 2×2 cubes, the Walnut 2×2 has a smooth and satisfying rotation. Each piece is made with precision molding to ensure a stable and snappy feel, allowing the cube to turn effortlessly. The outer layers of this cube have circular patterns that provide excellent grip and control, while the inner layers have smooth edges for smooth and fast corner cutting.

Why Choose the Walnut 2×2

There are several reasons why the Walnut 2×2 is an excellent choice for speedcubers. Firstly, its smooth and stable construction allows for accurate and fast turns. Secondly, its circular patterns provide an excellent grip on the cube, making it easier for cubers to hold and manipulate. Thirdly, the Walnut 2×2 has a good corner cutting ability, enabling cubers to make quick and smooth moves even at high speeds. These three factors combine to make the Walnut 2×2 an ideal choice for speedcubers who want to achieve faster solve times.

How to Use the Walnut 2×2

Using the Walnut 2×2 cube is simple. The key is to practice solving the cube repeatedly until you develop muscle memory and can move quickly and accurately. Here are some tips to help you use the Walnut 2×2 effectively:

  • Learn the algorithms: Algorithms are a series of moves that you can use to solve the cube. By learning the correct algorithms, you can quickly solve the cube without wasting time figuring out the next step.
  • Practice finger tricks: Finger tricks are a series of movements used by speedcubers to turn the cube quickly and efficiently. By practicing your finger tricks, you can perform more turns per second, resulting in faster solve times.
  • Stay relaxed: Speedcubing can be stressful, especially during competitions. However, staying relaxed and focused is essential to achieve fast solve times. Take deep breaths and concentrate on each move, and the speed will come naturally.