The 1960s was a decade of transformation and revolution, the period marked by social and cultural change, including in the world of design and interiors. The mid-century modern style, which was originally developed in the 1940s and 1950s, continued to thrive in the 1960s, and one of the most iconic pieces of this period is the pendant light.

A pendant light is a type of light fixture that hangs from the ceiling, often suspended by a chain, rod, or cord. 60’s pendant lights are known for their clean lines, bold shapes, and use of materials such as glass, metal, and plastic. They are often hung in clusters or rows to create a dramatic effect and provide excellent task lighting.

The Design Features of 60’s Pendant Lights

The design features of 60’s pendant lights are unique and distinct. These lights are characterized by:

  • Clean lines and a minimalist design
  • Bold geometric shapes like circles, squares, and triangles
  • Use of bright colors like orange, yellow, and turquoise
  • Use of materials such as metal, glass, and plastic
  • Adjustable height to fit different spaces

The pendant light is an excellent way to add a touch of vintage style to your home while providing a functional light source.

Popular 60’s Pendant Lights

Some of the most popular 60’s pendant lights include:

The George Nelson Bubble Lamp

The Bubble Lamp was designed by George Nelson and introduced by Herman Miller in 1952. This iconic pendant light features a spherical shade made of translucent plastic that gives off a soft glowing light. The Bubble Lamp comes in different sizes and shapes, making it versatile and easy to fit into any space.

The Poul Henningsen Artichoke Pendant Light

The Artichoke Pendant Light was designed by Danish architect and designer Poul Henningsen in 1958. This light fixture features a series of overlapping metal plates that form the shape of an artichoke. The Artichoke Pendant Light provides a soft ambient light and adds a stunning sculptural element to any space.

The Verner Panton Flowerpot Pendant Light

The Flowerpot Pendant Light was designed by Danish designer Verner Panton in 1968. This light fixture features two semi-circular spheres that overlap to create the shape of a flowerpot. The Flowerpot Pendant Light adds a playful and cheerful touch to any room.

How to Incorporate 60’s Pendant Lights into Your Home Décor

60’s pendant lights can be incorporated into any home décor style, from mid-century modern to a more eclectic look. Here are some tips on how to incorporate these lighting fixtures into your home:

  • Hang the pendant lights over your dining table or kitchen island for a stylish and functional lighting solution.
  • Hang in clusters or rows to create a dramatic effect.
  • Use them as a centerpiece in a room to add a statement piece.
  • Combine different shapes and sizes to create a layered lighting effect.
  • Choose brightly colored pendant lights to add a pop of color to a neutral space.


60’s pendant lights are timeless and iconic pieces that add a touch of vintage style to any home décor. From the clean lines and bold shapes to the use of materials like glass, metal, and plastic, these designs are unique and timeless. With their adjustable height and functional light source, pendant lights are both functional and stylish. Incorporating a pendant light into your home décor is an excellent way to add a touch of vintage style and create a statement piece in any space.