When it comes to wall lamps, I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with it. As a popular decorative lamp at present, the light of the wall lamp is soft, which can create a warm and elegant atmosphere. It is often installed in the living room, bedroom, hallway, stairs, bathroom and other places. So, if you want to install a wall lamp at home, what is the appropriate installation height of the wall lamp? Next I will take you to discuss!

Bedroom bedside wall lamp installation height

Under normal circumstances, the standard height of bedroom bedside wall lamp installation is about 1.2-1.8 meters above the ground, which is three-quarters or two-thirds of the height of the wall; if it is out of the wall, the wall lamp is controlled from the wall Between 10cm-40cm; if the height of the bed is about 45cm, and the height of the mattress is about 90cm, the height of the bedside wall lamp should exceed 90cm from the ground, that is, the height of the wall lamp is always higher than the bed height, and To be installed above the bedside table.

Corridor wall light installation height

The installation height of the corridor wall lamp is usually determined according to the height of the corridor. Usually, the height of the corridor wall lamp is higher than the angle of the human eye, and the function of the corridor wall lamp is mainly to illuminate and increase the illumination range, so the height is best controlled. Between 2.2-2.6 meters on the ground.

Stair wall light installation height

The installation height of the stair wall lamp is most suitable to be slightly higher than the height of the head, generally controlled between 1.4-1.7 meters. If it is a wall-mounted wall lamp, the distance between the wall lamp and the wall should be controlled between 95-400mm.

Bathroom wall lamp installation height

The installation height of wall lamps in bathrooms and toilets is relatively free and arbitrary, and can be determined according to the average height of family members; in addition, the space range of bathrooms and toilets in general families is relatively small, so the installation height of bathroom wall lamps is controlled at 1.8 about meters.

Living room wall lamp installation height

Usually in the design, the use of wall lamps in the living room is not too much. The living room adds highlights. Therefore, it is most suitable to control the installation height of the living room wall lamp at a height of 1.8 meters and above.

Dining room wall light installation height

Restaurant wall lamps are more common in small-scale restaurants, which can create the effect of local lighting. The installation height of the restaurant wall lamp is generally controlled between 1.5-1.8 meters. If the wall is relatively small and the height of the chandelier is low, it can be appropriately installed lower.

Study wall lamp installation height

In some family study rooms, wall lamps are also installed to decorate the space. Generally, the brightness of the wall lamps in the study should not exceed 60 watts, and soft lighting is better. Taking into account the effect of local lighting, the height of the study wall lamp is controlled at 1.4-1.7 meters, which is about 1 meter higher than the desk.

Outdoor wall light

Outdoor wall lights are mostly used to install on the wall of the courtyard. The installation height only needs to be slightly higher than the height of the person, that is, the installation height is 1.8 meters or more, which is convenient for pedestrians to walk at night.