Today we will take stock of the top 6 best classic Italian desserts!

When it comes to Italian desserts, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? So many delicious Italian desserts, only know tiramisu?

Is it Panna Cotta, which is smooth and soft, or Gelato, a low-fat gelato? In fact, there are many popular desserts in Italy. The exquisite appearance and the wonderful taste can be called double temptation. People can’t resist.

Diplomatico Dessert

The name of the diplomat cake was taken from a diplomat in Parma, Italy, and it became popular throughout Italy, especially in Palermo. Two thin layers of puff pastry in the rectangle are smeared with thick whipped cream and sweetened cream in the middle, and there are round cakes in addition to the rectangular pastries.


Sabayon is a very famous dessert in Italy. Its charm, in addition to the extremely simple ingredients, is of course its special taste and intoxicating taste. It is an Italian representative dessert full of wine and egg aroma, and the most classic way of sabayon is to enjoy it with fresh figs.

Monte Bianco

The Mont Blanc chestnut cake originated from the borders of Savoie, France and Piedmont, Italy, and its name comes from Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps. Italian Mont Blanc chestnut cakes are cupcake-like sponge cakes and meringue tarts, topped with loaf or cone-shaped chestnut cream, and snow-like granulated sugar.

Rum baba

The Italian rum cake has a doughnut-shaped appearance and is topped with whipped cream and cherries. Because of the dry baking, in addition to filling the hollow part with whipped cream and fresh fruit, the whole cake must be poured with fragrant rum when it is ready to eat.


It is said to be a pastry invented by the Arabs during their rule in Hoh Xil. Under the seemingly simple appearance, it has a crispy and smooth, sweet but not greasy taste. The crust is deep-fried at low temperature and crispy.

Wrapped in a smooth and delicate filling, usually ricotta cheese or whipped cream. After being baked, you can add chocolate beans, nut products, and small pieces of candied fruit according to your own preferences. The appearance and taste coexist.


Tiramisu should be the most classic dessert in Italy, full of romantic atmosphere. There are beautiful legends of “take me away” and “remember me”. The entrance feels very subtle, fragrant, smooth, sweet, greasy, and very textured.

Cocoa powder slid softly on the tip of the tongue, a little sweet mixed with a hint of bitterness. Everyone has a different definition of the taste of tiramisu, but the same is the happiness that is conveyed through it.